Aug. 12 – Healthy Sleep, Green Bean Salad, 246 lbs LOST!

Sleep!! It’s A Habit of Health


Sleep is an important habit of health, and I am proud to announce the release of our healthy sleep products. In Chapter 17 of Dr. A’s “Habits of Health”, Dr. A talks about sleep as nature’s nurse. When we ignore its importance in our health and lives, we can’t fully enjoy the benefits that regular, restful sleep provides.

Sleeplessness can leave you feeling mentally blurry and irritable—serious problems themselves—_but it can also disturb your appetite regulation, contributing to weight gain and ultimately, the problems associated with obesity

Sleeplessness has also been linked to heart disease, increased inflammation (which can lead to cancer), and a 50 percent increase in your risk of viral infection.


Sleep is your body’s way of:

restoring organ function,
stabilizing chemical imbalance,
refreshing areas of the brain
that control mood and behavior,
and improving your overall physical performance.

During the day, your brain is too occupied to process everything, so it uses sleep as a chance to replenish spent nutrients, repair its circuitry, and process the experiences that you had during the day.

Let me know if you would like to know more about how to get healthy sleep.

We have some great new tools that are amazing!

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Journey and Then Get Healthy

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I started my journey to lose 247lbs. I was scared that I couldn’t do it and that I would have to resort to surgery. At the time I was on 75 Units of Insulin in the morning and at night. I knew I had the weight to lose, it was making me tired, I couldn’t walk without a walker or move well at all. I love to eat and I missed fast food but by I stuck to it and lost 162 lbs in 1 year!! I had made it a year with 85lbs to go to goal. I hadn’t had a hamburger in a year!

To date, I have lost 246 lbs. Traveling has become fun again I can’t believe how easy it is to go places; I don’t have to worry if I can get where I need to go. As a result of weight loss, my doctor lowered my insulin. I am constantly amazed how our plan works; it has become easier to lead a healthy life and I feel in control. I still want all those things I used to eat but it doesn’t haunt me all day long as in the past. My journey has not been easy nor have I reached my destination but now I know that I can reach all of my goals. My motto “Walk the Journey – Lose the Weight.”

Results Vary. Typical results 2-5lbs., the first two weeks. 1-2lbs. per week thereafter.


Enjoy your week!
In Health,

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