Aug. 5 – FREE E-BOOK, Zucchini Noodles


Stop. Challenge. Choose. E-book!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.35.14 PMWe are very excited to announce the release of a very exciting tool to assist you along your journey. Many of you have jumped into the many resources of health education our program offers such as Dr. A’s Habits of health, or Discovering Your Optimal Health. We are very excited to announce the release of Dr. Andersen’s new Stop, Challenge, Choose E-book. We have provided you a complimentary link below, just for being our client! This book is a short read with additional great topics to explore as we build healthy habits one day at a time, it even has interactive link videos of people that have created health in their own lives sharing what makes the difference for them! Feel free to jump right in, we would love to make this one of our points to celebrate along your journey this week!


Weekly Healthy Recipe


This week’s success story goes to Michael, who just hit his goal of 210 and 100 pounds total down! Not only that, but is re-adjusting goals like a pro! His story is full of “non-scale victories” one of which was shaving off his goatee that he grew after his years of Military service which grew into way to cover up his weight gain. What things can you envision letting go of as you accomplish your goals that would be just as exciting? it’s incredible to think about!

Check out his video at:

Freedom Video!!!


There are so many exciting things going on. I have new tools to share with you, that fit every type of healthy need. I have enjoyed getting to share with some of you. If we haven’t connected feel free to reach out.

Be the Best Version of You!!!


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