NEWSLETTER 10/14 – GREAT Fitness APPS, Veggie Recipe, Lose 15 lbs for the Holidays?

Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps

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People often know they desire to create health in their life, but they aren’t sure where to begin. Learning what and when to eat, how and when to exercise, and who and when to ask for help can be overwhelming. Using health and fitness apps on your smartphone is an easy way to get answers, support and motivation wherever you are! Whether you are just beginning your journey or you are looking for ways to freshen up old routines, health and fitness apps are a fantastic resource. Here are four ways apps can help you become a healthier and more fit you.

1. Easily keep track of your progress

Wondering how far you’ve come on your fitness journey? Apps can be used to track mileage when you go walking, running or cycling. You can easily monitor your progress and celebrate improvements.

2. Get free workout ideas

Gym memberships, personal trainers, home workout videos and exercise equipment can add up quickly. Apps can be found for much cheaper, often FREE, and allow you to workout when and where it’s most comfortable and convenient for you. Choose apps based on your fitness level and/or desired intensity.

3. Set goals that you can achieve

It is incredibly important to set realistic goals for yourself when you begin your journey. Apps like Couch-to-5K help you set goals that you can achieve in a time frame that is realistic for you and your fitness level. Use apps to set small goals that you can achieve in order to stay motivated and on pace with your overall fitness goals.

4. Carry your yoga studio with you

Do you desire the strength and flexibility that yoga provides, but don’t have the time and/or money to attend a class? Yoga apps give you detailed instructions and diagrams to create a workout tailored to your fitness level, schedule and wallet. Enjoy the benefits of yoga at your convenience and at your own pace.

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10 Health Apps to Try

1. Virtual Runner
2. Couch-to-5K
3. Sleep Cycle
4. Fitbit – keep track of your Wireless Step Tracker, with your friends
5. Daily Burn – Stream Daily Burn Workouts, at home or on the go
6. Strava – Running & Cycling GPS tracker
7. Yoga Studio – for iPhone – ready made, or create your own yoga class
8. MyPlate – Calorie tracker from LiveStrong
9. myfitnesspal – world’s largest calorie and nutrition database
10. SparkPeople – largest online diet and healthy living community – and My personal Favorite!  Both SP and MFP use a Barcode scanner for super easy tracking of nutrition!

Healthy Recipe

Spaghetti Squash

Proud To Attend My

High School Reunion


This is Becky’s story in her own words, “Started this program at 262 pounds – before I knew it I had lost 103 pounds!! Now I don’t hide from the camera anymore, and am actually planning on attending my 30-year High School reunion next year! Never thought it would be possible to reach this point; there are still a few more pounds to drop, but am confident that it will happen in a healthy way! – and that this time the weight will stay off!!

*Results Vary. Typical results, 2-5lbs. per week your first two weeks. 1-2lbs. per week thereafter.

Good Things

Fall is such an exciting time. Many are preparing for lifestyle changes for the holidays. Would you like to get 15 pounds off before the holidays and learn some great tips on maintaining and not gaining through the holidays? I have a couple of program options for you and would love to chat with you or if a friend or family member comes to mind. I have a couple more slots available for October to assist a few more people.

In Health,

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