Newsletter 9/16 – 1 minute Tip, Lemon Salmon, Thin it to Win it


Dr. A’s One Minute Tip

One of the key facets of the Stop.Challenge.Choose. method is awakening us to our surroundings and actions, or becoming mindful. We’ve already begun to lay the foundation for a life where we are making conscious decisions, but it takes practice. Our lives are complicated, and in many cases our choices and behaviors can be so ingrained that they are almost entirely unconscious. We don’t realize that we’ve eaten too many
potato chips until they’re gone or we don’t realize that we’ve overdone it on the wine until the next morning.

Many of the people I help, face similar challenges, and I have found that taking a moment to evaluate where your physical health is currently, can help you see the bigger picture of your overall health.

Weekly Healthy Recipe

You still have time to register for the

THIN IT TO WIN IT Challenge!

The video  explains it so well. If you have not signed up yet, please watch this video. It completely explains what the challenge can do for you in only 6 weeks time. The focus is getting healthy with a community around you focusing on the same topic and the same challenge each day. You get to learn tips from each other and receive encouragement. If you are looking to create health in some way in your life, it doesn’t matter how you are doing it, I want you on my team.


Where Will You Be In 6 Weeks?

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