You Gotta Check This OUT!!!


Have you been thinking about taking your health to the next level?

Then this challenge just might be your turning point in health.



the habits of health to get healthier, eat right, be more active, sleep better,

stress less and achieve your health goals to win MONEY and health!



strategies and skills to get fit and stay healthy with simple meal plans, recipes, dining out tips and exercise videos inside an interactive site and receive a FREE coach to you guide!



the way for others (family, friends, work, church, etc.) to follow and get healthy with you in this fun,

online Six Week Health Challenge!


1. Register Here or click on the banner above by 9/15/14 and Ante Up!
2. Weigh in between 9/13/14 – 9/17/14 (details on how to weigh in provided prior to launch).
3. Login to the Challenge site daily to earn healthy habit points and I will guide you every step of the way.


The Ante is only $22.49 per person and the winnings are 50% of pool divided among winners who achieve weight goal (lose 6% of body weight OR maintain weight within 1%) and earn 80% of participation points.

This Challenge is for everyone. You do NOT have to be on my program to participate.

Invite your friends, family and co-workers.

Let’s get healthy together!



Results vary. Typical Results 2-5lbs your first two weeks. 1-2lbs. per week thereafter.

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